h Community

We are only as strong as our

The sense of belonging

To a culture. To a movement.

To a shared ambition.


Productivity is the name of the game. Everyone is ultimately here to work, create & achieve something great


Apart from the curated lectures, talks & workshops hosted by antwork, every member or group has a different set of tools, knowledge & experience to share with the rest of the community.


Work & life go hand-in-hand at antwork… community members & their friends will get to enjoy some downtime with a variety of social & cultural events hosted in our various spaces.


Get to know each other… The right mix of people in one same space is bound to create fruitful relationships, mentoring opportunities & even lead to future business partnerships!

Life and happiness

All our spaces are designed to foster a flexible & collaborative environment. The objective is to give all community members the freedom to take a break, have a chat, move around, clear their head... all while remaining within their workplace mindset, and ultimately creating a work/life balance that compliments productivity, rather than hinder individual &/or group goals.

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